How to Install Ivanti Antivirus bypassing the incompatibility check

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    You are unable to install Ivanti Antivirus for some unknown reason.   You have also found that while running the AV install in an interactive way using the following command line that the installer indicates that a bit of software is incompatible with the AV and the software highlighted is vital for your environment and cannot be uninstalled.


    Vulscan.exe /installav /interactive



    The installer in its default state will not install the AV product if an incompatible bit of software is detected, and is unable to uninstall it. This will stop the process, and prevent the AV installing at all

    Here are two articles highlighting the list of incompatible software:

    This list is ever expanding as we are finding more and more software that stops the installer from working as designed.



    There is a workaround for this.  It is recommended that you uninstall any previous LDMS agent and any AV software on the machine as this will affect the AV installation.





    Warning If you use the pSKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1 parameter, Kaspersky and Ivanti will not be responsible for any possible operating system malfunctioning caused by incompatibility of Kaspersky or Ivanti products with other applications.


    It is suggested to create a separate self-contained agent for this process in order to control which machines you install the configured AV on and not affect your entire network, which can create issues later on.


    In this workaround it is suggested that you perform these actions when no agent updates are being pushed out or updated. This is to prevent the agents installing without the incapability check outside of your control.


    Steps to create the Self-Contained Exe to install AV on machines with incompatible software


    1.  Navigate to the location of the files that we are going to change:
    C:\program Files(x86\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ldlogon\avclient\install\setup
    The files we are changing are :





    location of file.PNG


    2. Create a backup of the files before making any changes

    create backup files before making any changes.PNG

    3. Open up the Kes10win.kud file in notepad for editing

    This is the file before the changes

    file before changes.PNG

    4. Find the [Setup] block and modify the Params option as follows:




    file after changes.PNG

    5. Rebuild all the agents for the changes to take effect in all the agents with the AV component checked

    rebuild all agents for the chnages to take effect.PNG

    6. Create a self-contained executable with a name to highlight that the exe will install the AV without the incapability check, for future reference

    xcreate self contained agent with a name to indicate that the prodcut check is skipped in AV.PNG

    7.  Now the self-contained agent is created, we now need to revert the changes to the AV installation so no other agent deployments are effected.  First delete the configured files and rename the backups to reset the AV setup back to default

    delete these files and rename the backups to the orginal names to revert changes.PNG

    8. Changes reverted, back to default


    9. Now rebuild all agents again for the defaults to be reinserted into the agent installations

    rebuild all agents for the chnages to take effect.PNG