EMU: Code 128 barcode is adding ? before and after alpha characters

Version 1

    Customer is using an LXE Marathon with Bluetooth scanner. They can scan other barcodes fine expect Code 128. When the Code 128 barcode has alpha characters the scanned data is adding ? marks before and after the alpha characters.





    When scanned the info is coming up as





    Issue was resolved by following the steps below:


    To fix this issue follow the following steps

    Step 1: Upgrade the LinkOne wedge

    1. On a PC, download the new LinkOne Wedge

    2. Copy this installer on a USB key.

    3. On the Marathon, if LinkOne is running, stop it. This has to be done by clicking on the little grey icon in the windows taskbar and then click the 'Unload' button.

    Do NOT start a new instance of LinkOne through the Start menu.

    4. On the Marathon, delete the file "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LinkOne\config.dat"

    5. Insert the USB key and install the new LinkOne software.

    Step 2: Modifiy the LinkOne script file 'script.txt'

    1. Start LinkOne from Start > Programs > Freefloat Link One > Link One

    2. Verify that dialog window shows 'Freefloat Link One 5.12'

    3. Click on 'Settings'

    4. Click on 'Data Editing' tab

    5. Click on 'Edit Script'. This will open Notepad with the current active script

    6. In the function sendData(str), locate the line with the default ?app.send( str )

    7. Comment this out with 2 dashes in front of it.

    8. Locate the line with 'app.send( charToKey ( str ) )'

    9. Remove the comment (the 2 dashes)

    10. In Notepad, use File > Save and then File > Exit to save these changes.

    11. Click 'OK' to activate the changes.

    12. Click 'Hide' to hide the Freefloat linkone dialog window.