Step by step example - How to create and publish a self service dashboard

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    Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.x

    Environment: Web Access 7.3 or higher.


    Question: How do I create a new self service dashboard from scratch?



    Below are the steps to create a new dashboard so that it launches from a shortcut.  This is just one example dashboard and if you require further reading about dashboards please see this guide Dashboards. What is a Dashboard and how do I create and publish one? or see the product documentation guides  Documentation (Service Desk)


    • Login to Self Service with a user who has the correct privileges to create and publish dashboards.


    • Right-click on the shortcut group area and select "New Group"


    • Fill in details about the group.  In my example I do not want to select "Publish to all".


    • Right click on the new shortcut group to select "Add Dashboard Shortcut".


    • Fill in the details.  Note: don't click "Add to shortcut bar" unless you want this dashboard as an option off the shortcut (rather than appearing when the shortcut group is clicked).


    • When the dashboard is created ensure that you are in design mode (top right-hand corner dropdown) and then right-click within the dashboard to select "Add New Gadget".


    • Fill in the dashboard name and in this instance we will be creating a query gadget.


    • On the query design screen select the area of data you will be working with.  In this instance I want to query Incidents.


    • Click to select the columns that you require on your query and then click OK.  In this instance I don't want the actual incidents themselves to be opened from the query (a view-only query) so I select "Prevent Launch of Records".


    • I now want to filter the results to only show incidents raised by users within the same group of the logged in user.  I click on the down-arrow in the top right of my query and select "Insert Filter.."


    • I expand the Raise User object and select Current Group.


    • My filter is for Raise User.Current Group is Current Group.


    • I want to group the query by the team member so I right click on the Raise User column to select Group Ascending.




    • I want the dashboard to run when anyone clicks on the Manager's Overview shortcut group.  I ensure the dashboard is displayed and then right-click on the Manager's Overview shortcut group to select Replace This Shortcut Group With Current Page.


    • Within console select Shortcuts - Manage Shortcuts.  Then I change to the Publish Shortcut Groups tab and change the top-right dropdown to Self Service Shortcuts.  I can then publish my dashboard to the groups of users or roles required.