How to add a "total count" box in a custom report

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.0 and Older

    Environment: LDMS 8.8 , 8.7 and 9.0 (pre SP1)


    1. Create the custom report with the desired information displayed.

    2. Add the columns to be displayed in the report.  For example: device name, Software name, last software scan, software version, etc. Save the column settings.


    3. Click on the Design button


    4. Choose a place in the DetailFooter section to add two (2) fields.  The fields added will be a Rich text field and a regular Text field.


    5. Create a RichTextBox and label it Total.


    6. Create a TextBox near the Rich text field.


    7. Select the TextBox.  On the right side of the report designer, the properties of that TextBox will be displayed.

    8.  Set the following required options:



    Count Null Values= False

    Datafield= Device Name



    DistinctField= Device Name

    SummaryFunc= DCount

    SummaryRunning= All

    Summary Type= GrandTotal


    9.  Make any desired changes to font, color, etc.


    10.  Save the report.