Session switch with red / green key button doesn't work with Motorola MC9190

Version 3


    • Motorola (Symbol) MC9190  / MOTOMC9100
    • WIB / TE 7.3.172, but these macros will work for any version



    • Session switch with red/green Key doesn't work with Motorola MC9190 CE 6.0 OEM Version 80.32.000 when using Wavelink Industrial Browser 7.3.172
    • When pressing red/green Keys for sessionswitch on Input-fields the Character '!'  and ':' appears
    • Previous session and next session buttons do not work
    • How do I map previous session to the green (left key) and the next session to the red (right) key?



    In emulation parameters, set the following key macros:


    007D:\8200 Green button to Previous Session

    007E:\8300 Red button to Next Session





    For information how to create a key macro, please review the following article: