How can I use a 3rd party scanner on my device / Configuring to use an External Scanner

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Wavelink Terminal Emulation 7.3Wavelink Terminal Emulation 7.2Wavelink Terminal Emulation 7.0


    • Wavelink TelnetCE 7.0 and newer
    • Wavelink Industrial Browser 7.x and newer



    • How can I use a 3rd party scanner on my device?
    • How can I use datawedge / scanwedge on my device with Telnet instead of the integrated scanner or wavelink scanner?



    1. Disable the scanner in Emulation Parameters > Scanner > Common > Disable Scanner
    2. Enable your third party scanner


    Disable Scanner.png


    Additional Information about the Use Scan Wedge option:

    On Motorola devices, you must enable it only if you run DataWedge, to tell the enabler to use Datawedge, elsewhere it’s impossible to use the ScanToConfig.

    On Intermec devices, the DataWedge mode is always running. The option is enabled by default. So if you disable it, the ‘Scan2Config’ item is removed.