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Version 18



    You have invested in LANDESK® Management Suite, but do you understand the wide variety of powerful and easy-to-use tools available to help you manage and protect your Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and UNIX devices? Do you want to understand more about increasing end user and IT administrator productivity and efficiency, distribute software packages, monitor software usage, deploy OS images, remote control devices, detect and remediate security exposures, and perform many other management tasks?

    We are here to help! As part of our promise to you through our Momentum program, we will be providing you with materials and videos to help you understand your LDMS investment.

    Available documents attached include:

    Upgrading to 9.5.1 SP1:

    • Install and Upgrade to 9.5 SP1
    • Preparing Your Environment
    • LDMS How Upgrade Webinar Deck
    • Q & A from Why Upgrade Webinar
    • LDMS Why Upgrade Webinar Deck
    • How to Upgrade Webinar
    • Best Known Method for Performing a New Installation
    • What's New in 9.5


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