Error: "EntityName Line xxx, position xxxx." when launching Process in Process Designer

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    Service Desk - All Versions




    When launching a Process in Process Designer after importing the Process using Design Transfer I'm getting error message:


    "An error occurred while parsing EntityName. Line XXX, position XXXX"



    error message.png




    This error message can happen if you have a ' (ampersand) in a drop down list that is selected on an action in the process.

    The error message will only occur if you have transferred the process in to your database using Design Transfer.




    To solve this you have three options.

    1. You can either change the value in the drop down list itself to not use ('), before you export the process.

    2. You can change the transfer .xml file before importing.

    3. You can copy the value from source DB to target DB after the import.


    We made a lot of changes in how the process is stored in 7.6 and this has been fixed in 7.6


    If you are experiencing this issue and you are having problems solving this, please contact your Support Provider who will be able to assist you.