Locate Device Not Working On HP ElitePad

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5


    LDMS 9.5 SP1



    "Locate Device Now" feature is not working on HP Elitepad. To see the Locate Device options you need to go into the core and right-click on the device, then go into inspector\Hewlett-Packard options.



    1. You need to verify the agent was installed with the inventory options "Location Reporting" enabled or allowed;


    2. You need to make sure that location services are enabled for the user on the Windows 8 device;





    If the above options/configurations look good in your environment then you should verify that the file MBBScanner.exe exists in the \LDClient directory on the client (agent). This file is important for gathering and reporting GPS data and needs to be on the client for this to work.


    There is a known issue where this file will not get installed on the client properly if the agent configurations are set to include dotNet4;



    You can workaround this by:

    Changing this setting in agent configurations to; "If .NET is not installed, download and install it"

    Copying the file from core\ldlogon to the \LDClient folder(s)

    Modifying the Agent.INI to add a line; FILE10000=MBBScanner.exe, MBBScanner.exe, NOCOPYERROR


    Note that this 9.5 SP1 bug will be fixed in future releases.