Account Management - Create new contacts, remove contacts and invite your colleagues

Version 16

    Manage Users


    • To do this: Select My My My... | My Profile | Manage Users and you are presented with the list of contacts for your account that have not previously been marked as inactive.



    Invite Users


    In MANAGE USERS you shall see your company's list of contacts.

    • If the contact has registered for the Community, you will see 'Community User' next to their name.

    • If the contact has not yet registered, you can invite them by clicking 'Invite to Community' next to their name. By clicking on this we will send them an invitation to sign up for a login, and this will also give them access to participate in the community.  As you sent the invite to them we will know which company account to associate their username with.

    • If the person you want to invite is not listed in your contacts, you can invite them by clicking '+ Invite New Users'. You will need to enter their name and email address

    • Super users can also view all cases for their Account on the support portal, irrespective of who raised them.


    Remove/Deactivate Users


    In the event you need to remove/deactivate users that are no longer with your account, locate their name in the list of users, and toggle the 'Active Login' switch.

    This will prevent the user from logging in for support or accessing the community.

    This is limited to removing users who have registered in the community (they must show Community User next to their name). Unregistered users (showing Invite to Community next to their name) don't have access anyways, so there's nothing to deactivate.


    Active User


    Deactivated User










    Linked to company account and able to raise tickets


    Not Linked to company account, will receive error when trying to raise a case: "You are not a member of an Account".

    NOTE: To see users no longer linked to your account, toggle:


    Error Accessing Manage Users

    If you are not a Super User, the Manage Users feature will be unavailable to you:


    You do not have access to this feature.