Intermec CV31 or CV41 Tethered scanner setup / Scanning not working with tethered scanner / I scan and nothing appears

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Terminal Emulation 7.3


    Intermec CV31 running CE 7.0

    Intermec CV41

    External Tethered Intermec Scanner(SR61TXR)

    TelnetCE v7.3.162 or later

    Scanning a barcode.



    • The scanner beam appears, the beep is there, but no data from the barcode is sent
    • How do I set up a CV31 / 41 to work correctly with TelnetCE?



    Both Intermec Settings and TelnetCE settings need to be configured in order for the External Scanner to work properly within TelnetCE.


    Solution/ Workaround:

    Connect the scanner to COM Port1

    Configure the following parameters and settings -

    Intermec settings:

    • Data Collection > Tethered Scanners > Tethered-Configure on Connect > Overwrite with Computer settings
    • Data Collection > Tethered Scanners > Tethered Scanner (COM1) > Enable Scanner Port-ON
    • Symbology Options > Postamble > \x0D\x0A
    • Scanner Settings > Scanner Model > SR Intermec Scanner
    • Virtual Wedge > Enable Virtual Wedge-ON
    • Virtual Wedge Method > Character Mode


    CV31 TelnetCE Parameters

    • Emulation > Scanner > Common > Enable Scanner On Exit > YES
    • Emulation > Scanner > Common > No Scanner Configuration > DO NOT CONFIGURE SCANNER

    do not configure scanner.PNG


    CV41 TelnetCE Parameters

    • Emulation > Scanner > Common > Disable Scanner > YES
    • Emulation > Scanner > Common > Enable Scanner On Exit > YES


    disable scanner.PNG