LANDesk Data Analytics: Content Is Not Updating on Roll Up Core

Version 2



    Data Analytics content is not updated on a roll-up core when manually downloading the content or scheduling the content to be downloaded through Security and Compliance > Patch and compliance > Download updates > LANDesk Data Analytics Updates






    Bug/Defect number 124590 has been created regarding this matter due to the issue residing with the Patch Manager - Content/Client Download issue being seen. Please feel free to contact us at any time and reference the aforementioned number for an updating regarding the reported problem.


    That being said there is a workaround in place and that work around is to access the following link for content updates:


    LANDesk Data Analytics 9.53 content update


    That page will provide you the updated content to be used with LANDesk Data Analytics in a .zip file format. It simply requires you download the content, extract the content.exe within the downloaded .zip file and run the associated content.exe. As it is there is not a "set in stone" schedule for content update releases so I would recommend that when you view the download page you select "Receive email notifications" link under the Actions menu on the right hand side of the page. In doing so you will receive an email notification associated to your community ID every time an update is made to the page. The updates are inclusive of new content being added.