LANDesk Data Analytics:  Data Translation Services - Licensed Software - Corel Burn Now rule

Version 3



    The Data Analytics | Data Translation Services | Licensed Software | All Rules | Corel Burn Now rule that came through with the 9.53 content is detecting incorrectly.


    The query is looking for versions like "1.5%" or Name equals "Burn.Now 1.5". Clearly any software with version like "1.5%" will trigger this rule to say it is detected.  The record in inventory is under the "Licensed Software" section.


    As a result the rule is being applied to devices within an environment that do not apply.




    This has been resolved in the next set of content updates (06/06/2014).  You will know when content is released based on the following LANDesk User Community article:


    LANDESK Data Analytics 9.53 content update 30826


    On the right hand side of the window you will see an option to "Receive email notifications." If you click the link you will receive an email any time an update is made to the page. The updates generally consist of the content being updated only.


    Additionally you can schedule content to be updated automatically on your core server by following the article instructions listed below:


    How to enable Data Analytics content updates 30136