How can I set or change what is launched when clicking on a Query result?

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    Service Desk - All versions



    I have a Query showing me Incidents and would like for the Incident to launch when I click on one of the results. How do I do this?



    You can do this from within Query and Report Designer on the General Page - "Launch Action" settings. Select the Object that you wish to open when click on the result in the Query.



    Service Desk 7.5 and older:


    In the "Use data from:" drop down list, select the relevant object


    launch action2.png


    Service Desk 7.6 and newer:


    Select your attribute you want to launch from the attribute list to the left and simply drag the attribute on to the "Using data from:" field.

    The field will populate with the relevant attribute.


    launch action.png


    Save your Query.