Best Known Methods for LANDESK 9.5 Antivirus running on Server OS

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    Verified Product Versions

    LANDESK Management Suite 9.5LANDESK Management Suite 9.6

    applies to LANDESK Antivirus 9.5 sp1 and sp2


    AV Functions included on server installs

    • File Anti-Virus
    • Firewall
    • Network Attack Blocker


    The following components are not included on server installs:

    • Mail Anti-Virus
    • Web Anti-Virus
    • IM Anti-Virus
    • System Watcher


    Mail, Web, IM, and System Watcher will appear disabled in the local GUI on clients.


    AV Exclusions

    LANDESK AV should be carefully tested before applying to your production servers.


    LANDESK AV is intended to protect the server and its file system.  It is not designed to scan server applications like Microsoft Exchange.  Application servers typically need exclusions added to prevent LANDESK AV from negatively affecting server performance.


    Kaspersky Labs provides a list of typical exclusions needed for various server applications:


    If your server's application is not listed there, it is recommened to get a list of exclusions from the applicaiton's Vendor.


    LANDESK also has its own list of exclusions if applying LANDESK AV to a core server: