Error: "Cannot perform action.create" message replied when sending an email to the ServiceDesk inbox

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    You are seeing the below error in your Application event log for the Inbound Mail Service and no process (Incident, Change etc) has been created:


    "The Incident has changed status, and the action you selected is no longer available. Please redisplay the window and try again"






    You received an email with the following error message:


    "Cannot perform action.create"




    This will happen if your email contains an attachment or embedded image, but the Process you are logging the Incident in doesn't accommodate for the attachment or image.

    When an email contains an attachment or embedded image this will need to be added to the Incident either in the Description field or as an Attachment Collection.

    - To add an Image to the description field this attribute would need to be set to HTML.

    - If you want to add the image as an attachment you will need to have the "Add Attachment" action available on the relevant status.

    If neither of the above is in place, then the above error message will show.



    Set your Process.Description Attribute to HTML.


    Add the "Add Attachment" action in as an optional on the relevant status. *


    * Note that the "relevant status" here might not always be the "OPEN" status. It's the status that the Incident will land on first after having been logged.

    For example. If you log an Incident and it automatically moves passed the OPEN status with automatic actions and stop on the IN PROGRESS status the "Add Attachment" action will need to be available on the "IN PROGRESS" status.