Mobile Self Service Navigation

Version 4


    7.7.1 onwards.



    A navigation mechanism has been introduced that shows you where you currently are in MSS, and what path you took to get there.  The navigation list/path can be clicked, allowing you to backtrack.


    Responsive Design:

    The navigation feature displays differently depending on whether it's viewed on a large or small screen device (ie, tablet or phone).

    For smaller screens there is a new location button which is displayed on the navigation bar:




    On larger devices, the navigation path is displayed under the shortcut bar:




    What is displayed?


    The Navigation list contains the following in order:

    1)      Home - Always present.

    2)      Dashboard – Wont be present if you launch a query directly from shortcuts.

    3)      Query/Service Catalogue - Service Catalogue behaves the same as a query launched from a shortcut.

    4)      Record – This will show in the format “Object – ID”, eg, “Incident – 1”. 


    Moving around inside a record, such as when viewing collections, actions etc, is not recorded.


    Can it be configured?

    There is currently no way of configuring what is displayed in the navigation list.


    How is the navigation list reset?

    Use the main navigation controls, eg, click a shortcut.

    Use the browser controls (Back, Forward, Refresh).