How to populate a record with values from a related object (alternative to using templates)

Version 8

    Environment 7.5 and Newer


    Although Template Designer is not available in WebDesk the solution below will explain how to setup an alternative by using Reference List or Category together with Copy Rules.




    Create a business object (category or ref list) and call it “TemplateReference”

    This example I have used a Reference List.

    Add the number of attributes you require for example "TemplateDescription" and "TemplateTitle".



    Create a window for it.  I have used the Wizard from Object Designer



    The window will look like the following.


    Create an 1:1 relationship from "TemplateReference" to "Incident". Click on "No" to the message that is displayed below.



    In the Administration Component

    Find the Reference List then create the first one Template.

    For this example I have added 3 Template as seen below.



    Put the "TemplateReference" DropDown on the Incident Window


    Click on the DropDown and set the “Copy Related” properties to “True”




    If you want to create new templates then set the properties of the Label  change the value of the "Show Hyperlink" to "True"



    Create Copy Rules in Window Manager



    Login to WebDesk

    Go to the Window that we changed above for this example open a new "Incident Window" and then click on the HyperLink "TemplateReference"



    Populate the attributes as required.



    Click "Save and Close"



    Here are the results of the above solution.


    When you open an Incident you will see all the Templates that have been setup by click on the "TemplateReference" dropdown.



    When you select one of the TemplateReferences the copy rules will populate the attributes that were setup above.



    If you want users to be able to create and make changes you will need to make sure that the Users have the Privileges to create and update this Reference List