How to automatically add an ID for each article in Knowledge Management Module

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    How to get an ID for each Article in Knowledge Management Module


    Service Desk 7.8.1 and earlier, the Article Module is a Module by itself and doesn't by default contain any ID attribute. To add this, please see below.

    Service Desk 7.8.2 and newer, the Article Module has been moved to be a child module of Process and have therefore been given all benefits that the other child modules have, so you will automatically be given a "Reference Number" attribute which will give you the ID number of your Article.



    How to create an ID Attribute

    1. Add an Int32 Attribute called "Id" on the object Article in Knowledge Management Module with "CreateIdentity" Persistence Type then Save the object


    2. In Window Manager, add this attribute "Id" in the window concerned still on the object Article in Knowledge Management Module then Save the window


    The existing articles were given a new ID and the next ones will get a new one each time they will be created.