LANDESK Community Upgrade June 1st 2014 - What's new?

Version 29

    We've upgraded the community so some existing functionality has changed plus there are some additional new features that we hope you will benefit from.  We have created this document to try to make the process of familiarising yourself with the site changes easier.


    If you are struggling to find or do something please let me know by commenting below or by filling in our feedback form here.



    Mobile Friendly

    The site will now render appropriately when browsing from a mobile device.  For more information please see this document: Using the LANDESK Community via a Mobile or Tablet Browser


    Following Content or Places (Communities)

    If you are interested in something on the community you should choose to follow it.  This means that you will get notifications when something happens that is linked to that place or piece of content.


    What is a place? A place is a folder within the site structure.  We have organised the site into product lines and then categories.  An example of a place is Agent Deployment You can view all places in the community by clicking on Browse - Places or Find a community.


    For more information please see this document:Following a place or content in the community

    Using Activity Streams

    You can use activity streams to see what is happening within your areas of interest.  Here's more information about how: Using Activity Streams


    Content marked as Official or Outdated

    Site administrators and the support team can now mark documents as Official in order to promote it within your search results.  This ensures that our most recommended content is found higher within your search results.  Conversely our older content can be marked as Outdated and therefore demoted within the search relevancy results.  You can also see how recently it was reviewed and marked as such.


    As this is new functionality it will take some time to mark content appropriately but watch out for more appearing.  If an item is marked it shows at the top of the content item:

    Marked as official.png


    This also shows within search results and helps to promote our most recommended content high up in your search results:

    Marked as official in search.png

    Changing view when browsing the site

    When browsing the site it's a matter of preference about which view is better but luckily the choice is yours.  Here's how to change your view: Changing your view for browsing


    Where is my custom homepage?

    Custom homepages have been replaced by the ability to add custom activity streams.  By using activity streams you can subscribe to things which interest you and add a number of streams for different areas of interest.  More about activity streams


    Where are my bookmarks?

    When logged in, click on the top right search box and then you can select your most recent bookmarks from here on the bookmarks tab:


    Alternatively go to the Browse - Bookmarks menu from the header.

    Where are documents or discussions that I have created?

    To view content that you have created click on Content from the header (or Browse - All Content).  In order to see content you have written click on Authored.


    Where are my drafts?

    To view content that you have created click on Content from the header (or Browse - All Content).  In order to see any drafts click on Drafts.