Scan To Config (Custom Network Properties)

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 5.3

    Environment: Avalanche v5.3.xx Server and using a Scan To Config Profile to set “Network Custom Properties on a device. This is known to works on versions down to 4.8.1.


    Problem: Customer are not using a Network Profile from the Avalanche Server, and need the Scan To Config for each of their locations. Because they have four networks, they cannot configure the Enabler Configuration tool on the PC’s. They need a blank Configuration tool.


    Solution/ Workaround: When configuring the Scan to Config Profile, there is a place for “properties”.



    You will want to change the properties to “Network”, and add the name and value.  For a list of custom network properties see


    When the Enabler is loaded on a device and the Menu\Scan To Config is pressed, you can scan in the barcodes (there should be more barcode, then a basic configuration.