When logging into Web Desk in 7.7.1 and later you are taken directly into Self Service

Version 18

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.7.x

    Problem: When logging into Web Desk in 7.7.1+ it goes straight into Self Service with no option to switch to Web Desk with browser versions later than IE7.


    Cause: This is caused by IE being in compatibility mode. As a result the browser appears to be using IE7 which does not have Web Desk support.




    Please log this with your support provider with the following reference:

    5924 - Web Access incorrectly detects IE 8/9/10/11 in Compatibility Mode as IE7


    The first two options below can be applied using Group Policy.


    1)  Turn off the 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility view' in the Internet Explorer Compatibility View Settings. Any sites which require compatibility view can be added to the list of required sites which require Compatibility View.


    The following document shows how this can be set for different versions of Internet Explorer: Fixing site display problems with Compatibility View - Windows Help


    2) If the option to 'Display intranet sites in Compatibility View' is required ensure that the website address for Web Access is not listed in the Local intranet zone in the Internet Explorer Security tab in Internet Options . This list tells the browser which sites are intranet sites. If the Web Access web site address is in the list of Local intranet sites compatibility view will be used for the Web Access address.




    The following describes how Internet Explorer decides if a site should be in the Local Intranet zone:


    "By default, the Local Intranet zone contains all network connections that were established by using a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path, and Web sites that bypass the proxy server or have names that do not include periods (for example, http://local), as long as they are not assigned to either the Restricted Sites or Trusted Sites zone."

    From the following:

    How to use security zones in Internet Explorer


    To avoid being added to the list automatically one of the following option could be used:

    a) Add the Web Access address to a zone other than the Intranet zone (this can be configured directly in group policy editor for specific zones).

    b) Use a Web Access address with a period and use DNS to point to the correct IP address.

    c) The fully qualified domain name or an external URL.


    3) Use an alternative supported browser or install Chrome Frame.