How to uninstall Avalanche application on Android

Version 2

    Problem: The Avalanche application on android is installed as a device administrator.  This blocks the uninstallation of the application.


    Solution: To uninstall this you must first remove Avalanche as a system administrator. 


    To do this first go to Apps>Settings

         2014-04-09 13.17.48.png


    When in Settings select Security on the left then select Device Adminsitrators on the right

         2014-04-09 13.18.00.png

    Then in Device Administrators deselect the checkbox next to the Wavelink Device Admin

         2014-04-09 13.18.15.png

    Then select Deactivate button at the bottom of the Device administrator window

         2014-04-09 13.23.32.png

    Then select OK on the Disable device Admin box

         2014-04-09 13.18.21.png

    Once you have disabled Avalanche as a device admin you can then select Application Manager while in settings then select Avalanche

         2014-04-09 13.18.48.png

    You can now select to uninstall

         2014-04-09 13.18.55.png