How to enroll an iOS device when using a self signed cert

Version 3

    Summary: Starting with Avalanche 6 you now have the ability to manage smart devices(iOS, Android) with a smart device server.  The smart device server requires an SSL certificate to function.  The details of this can be found in the help section here .  When you are using a self signed cert you first must install the cert onto the device prior to enrolling.  The steps below walk you through how to install the certificate and then enroll the device.  These steps begin after you have installed the SSL certificate into Avalanche and have completed a universal deployment.


    First on the mobile device browser open https:\\hostname_of_your_sds\mdm this will open the page below.  On that page select the Trust this Server button.

         2014-04-09 10.05.40.png


    This should then redirect you to the Install Profile window.  You can then select Install to install the self signed certificate

         2014-04-09 10.05.46.png

    After you select install it then gives you the warning below stating that this is a self signed cert.  You can select Install again to finish the installation of the certificate

         2014-04-09 10.05.49.png


    You should then see the screen below that shows this profile installed and is now trusted, select done in the top right

         2014-04-09 10.05.57.png


    This should then bring you back to the web page which you can now use to enroll. Below I entered the Enrollment ID and Password of my enrollment policy and then select the enroll button below

         2014-04-09 10.06.17.png


    This should then redirect you to the Install Profile page, which you should see the Wavelink MDM profile. Select Install on this profile

         2014-04-09 10.06.48.png


    As you are installing a Mobile device management profile you receive the below warning, select install again

         2014-04-09 10.06.51.png


    You should then be redirected back to the browser showing that your enrollment is now complete

         2014-04-09 10.07.11.png


    This completes the enrollment of an iOS device using a self signed certificate.