Remote Control can't reach Device IP's from Enterprise Server.

Version 3

    Environment: Remote Control v4.1 to v4.0, Avalanche Enterprise Server v5.3to v5.0.


    Problem: Firewall is blocking ports 1899 - 1900 from the Enterprise Server to the Device's Location.


    Solution/ Workaround: Create another Remote Control Server at the MDS location the devices check into.

    Create a new Profile/ Package for those devices, and create the criteria for those devices.

    Update the RC packages.


    Choose Server Location, and put the location of the MDS they connect to.


    Update the Client cofiguration to add the new server address.


    In the New server configuration have get licenses from the Enterprise Server's license pool.


    Update the devices in the blocked MDS location with the new Remote Control package.

    After they are updated to the Enterprise Server, Remote Control the devices from the Inventory.