Steps to use LDAP for Avalanche Users.

Version 8

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 5.3

    Environment: Setting up Users with Groups in Avalanche using your LDAP. Version 4.8 to v5.3


    Solution: Click on the User Managment, and at the buttom of the page under "Authentication Options", choose Authentication through LDAP Server. Add the Domain in the box.

    user management.JPG


    Log out of the Avalanche Console, then log in as one of the LDAP users. This user will not have ANY rights when they first log on.

    user detail.JPGuser permissions.JPG


    Log off the console again, then log on as an administrator again, then either give the user the rights you want them to have, or create a group and set the permissions for the group. You will also need togive the User Group a home, and select the users that belong to the group. You will also need to go to the Site\Group Location Properties and apply the group or user to that location.

    user group details.JPGuser group permission.JPG


    When an LDAP User first logs onto the Avalanche Server, they will need to inform an Administrator, for their rights to be set. This step will be needed for all LDAP users.