How To Download and Patch the Cloud Service Appliance ( CSA ) version 4.3/4.4 manually

Version 83

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x



    This document is to assist you with installing the patch manually in case you are not able to install the CSA patches over the Internet. Please also see Issue: Cloud Services Appliance ( CSA ) feature Scan For Update does not list an update even though an update is available.  For patch troubleshooting, please see the document How To Troubleshoot the Cloud Services Appliance (CSA)/Gateway


    This document applies ONLY to the CSA version 4.3 and 4.4. DO NOT attempt to install these patches on any other version of the CSA.  You only need to install the most recent patch. I.E. the highest numbered patch


    Latest Patches

    4.3 CSA Patches 4.4 CSA Patches
    GSB 4.3 190 PatchGSB 4.4 505 Patch
    Bulletin 4.3 - Patch 190Bulletin 4.4 - Patch 505


    Older Patches

    Previous 4.3 CSA Patches Previous 4.4 CSA Patches
    GSB 4.3 188 PatchGSB 4.4 503 Patch
    Bulletin 4.3 - Patch 188Bulletin 4.4 - Patch 503



    Installation Steps

    1. Download most recent patch to your computer.
    2. Copy the file to the /tmp directory on the CSA. The easiest way to do this is using WinSCP (WinSCP :: Official Site :: Download) or FileZilla (FileZilla - Client Download)
      1. Connect using the CSA IP or name, while using port 22.
      2. You will be prompted to add the host key to the cache, click yes.
    3. You will be given 2 panes, one for your local machine and one for the CSA.
        1. You may need to traverse up the directory tree until you find the tmp folder.
        2. Find the file on the pane for your local machine and copy the CSA upgrade file that you previously downloaded to the tmp folder on the CSA.
    4. Once the copy is done, SSH into the CSA. You will need to use the admin account.
    5. Run the following commands:
      Note: The CSA is a Linux machine, don't forget that commands are case sensitive.
      1. cd /tmp
      2. sudo tar -xvf GSB4XX_###.tar.gz
        (replace the ### symbols with the number of the patch you downloaded)
      3. enter the password for the admin user
      4. cd GSB4XX_###
      5. chmod +x
      6. sudo ./
    6. CSA will update and reboot as part of the update.





    The image below shows the how to confirm the CSA has updated properly. This concludes the manual patch process.