Installing LANDESK Data Analytics

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    LANDESK Management Suite 9.6LANDESK Management Suite 2016.x

    This document was written for the 9.53 version of DA but the content is still relevant to the 9.6 SP1 install of Data Analytics as the installer has not changed.

    Installing LANDESK Data Analytics 9.53 plus Update 1 on your core server.

    UPDATE: As of 9.6, it is unnecessary to install Data Analytics by hand as it is now installed and updated by the normal LDMS installer.


    On your core server Download LANDESK Data Analytics 9.53 (LDDA) from document LANDESK Data Analytics 9.53 and LDDA 9.53 Update 1 from document LANDESK Data Analytics 9.53 Update 1



    These will also need to be installed on any remote consoles and rollup servers if they exist.


    While you use the same install files on remote console(s). There will be some difference between a remote console install and the screenshots shown before, the install is simipler and quicker as there is no Database update activity that occurs on Remote console.

    Installing LDDA 9.53

    Installing LDDA 9.53 first,Update 1 is a patch and not a full install, running the LDDA.exe file will launch the LDDA installation wizard. The first screen prompts for a location to install to, Default is C:\DataAnalytics this is where the files are extracted to, it is recommend this is the same drive as your LDMS install.


    Specify location and click install:




    On the LDDA welcome screen click  Next:




    The current setting window is presented for review of install settings if you want to change drive  click Back otherwise click Next.




    The installation status and progress window is show next.




    Setup will then prompt for Scheduler and Report manager credentials, it is recommend to use your LANDESK service account, if you do not have a service account use the same account you are using for LANDESK Scheduler. Fill out the information and click OK



    Note: the format is user,domain, password, confirm password. If your core is not on the domain enter the name of the coreserver or workgroup for that user.


    Setup then prompts for Active directory info (LDAP).  Fill out the information and click OK




    Database setup begins this can take a while depending on DB size and speed.




    When setup is completed the Install complete window appears, you will be prompted for a reboot. Choose Yes I want to restart my computer(core) now and click Finish.


    Note: A reboot is required prior to proceeding to the Update 1 patch install.


    Installing LDDA 9.53 Update1.


    From the extracted media click on setup.exe.


    Update 1 install wizard appears, chose the Language of the install and click OK.





    On the LDDA update 1 welcome screen click  Next:




    The installation status and progress window is shown next.




    If any processes/services that need to be closed are running a kill processes window will appear and prompt to terminate the processes it is recommended you kill said process to avoid a reboot. Click Kill Processes.




    You will then go  back to the progress screen. When that is done you may receive a prompt stating you need to install latest content update for all feature to work. Click OK.

    Once the install is finished you can install latest content for instructions see How to enable Data Analytics content updates




    When setup is completed the Install complete window appears, click Finish. If you did not kill process above you will be prompted to reboot.




    Reactivate you LDMS core server to see the Data Analyitcs tools you are licensed for.

    To reactive the core on the core server go to Start-->All Programs->LANDesk-> Core Server activation



    Launch the LDMS console.

    Once inside the LDMS console you will now see a section with Data Analytics.