Orphaned Actions on a Process

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    We have noticed that on one of our processes, it has a number of Actions that are not linked, we have attempted to remove these Actions but have found these reappear once going back into the Process.


    Orphaned Actions.JPG




    This issue occurs because there are some action Guids in lc_action which are not in the XML structure diagram. ServiceDesk attempts to redraw the diagram because they can't be found, unfortunately as these are not in the found in the XML Structure diagram they are added to the side of the diagram instead and you experience the behaviour from the above screenshot.




    Please download attached script from article https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-26894


    The script will need to be modified to accommodate the name of your process and the name of the Orphaned Action being seen.

    Before running the script, please ensure a Backup of your Database has been taken, then follow the below steps.


    1) Deactivate the Process

    2) Click on Modify and remove the Orphaned actions.

    3) Save the process

    4) Perform an IISReset or recycle

    5) Run the script

    6) Activate the Process

    7) Done