About Antivirus products that are compatible with LANDESK Endpoint Security

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    What Antivirus products are supported by LANDESK Endpoint Protection Security (EPS)?

    LANDESK Endpoint Security is designed to work together with an Antivirus solution.   This provides an extra layer of protection, thus adding additional security and piece of mind.





    The following document lists the versions of AV supported by LANDESK Endpoint Security: LANDESK Patch News Bulletin: LANDESK LDAVHLPR Support Matrix for Antivirus Applications


    In the spreadsheets attached to that document, look for the column named "HIPS Compatible"


    This column lists those Antivirus products that have been tested and shown to co-exist with LANDESK Endpoint Security.


    Note: It is possible that a vendor may release a patch or a service update that may cause a compatibility issue with LANDESK Endpoint Security.  If you have recently upgraded your Antivirus, or if you have installed LANDESK EPS and you are finding a conflict with something that purports to be supported, check the service pack level and patch level of the Antivirus product.