Using Activity Streams to be notified about what matters to you

Version 8

    What are activity streams?

    A stream shows you real-time updates of activity as people interact with content, people, and places in the community. You can see all public activity in the Activity Stream, or create your own custom streams that show only the people, places, and content items you select to follow.  You can pull together information that you are interested in by using a custom stream and you can add multiple streams to group different areas of interest.


    How do I see my streams?

    Visit or select Browse - News from the header menu.


    How do I decide what to show in a stream?

    This document gives you some examples of how to add to streams whilst browsing the community site: Following a place or a piece of content in the community


    You can also edit your stream by clicking on it and then selecting the down arrow.  Then you can select Edit Stream.


    This then allows you to search for and add people or places to your stream as well as giving you recommendations of what to add.



    How do I also get email notifications about things?

    • After logging in click drop-down user menu in the header next to the search bar.
    • Click or Browse - News from the header menu.
    • Your list of following options is listed on the left in a list

    • Click the desired streams name
    • Click the drop down arrow that enables after clicking the name
    • Choose Edit Stream.

    • Change the Email updates setting to On.

    Email On.PNG


    How do I create my own custom streams?

    inbox and activity.png

    • Click the + New Stream to add a new stream then give it a name.

    Add Stream.PNG


    What shows in a stream?

    You'll see a new stream item as people undertake activity in the community, for example, create a document, reply to a discussion, and so on.


    A stream item is created when people interact with content, people, and places in the community. Here are some examples of activities that trigger new stream items:

    • Content: someone modifies the content item, for example, edits, comments on, or replies to it.
    • Places: someone updates content in the place, for example, publishes a new document, edits a blog post, or comments on a document that lives in the place.