Apache\Tomcat Port is conflicting with another program.

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    *Environment: When using the Web Console Apache\Tomcat service it may conflict with another program if it is running on Port 8080.


    *Problem: Apache will not run, and the WebCosole does not work.


    *Solution/Workaround: You will need to change the Port that Apache uses. You will need to go to the Drive that Avalanche (MC, or SE) is installed.

    Search the path "example" C:\Program Files\Wavelink\AvalancheMC\WebUtilities\Tomcat\conf


    and open the "server.xml". You will need to search for any reference of  "8080" and change it to a different port number that does not conflict with another program.


    Launch the WebConsole using the port number you changed it to.  For example if you changed it to 8081 you would use http://servername:8081/AvalancheWeb .


    If you use the Avalanche MC Web UI link from the start menu you may also update the AvalancheWeb shorcut in the \Wavelink\AvalancheMC\WebUtilities folder.  Right click and change the port in the URL section of the shortcut and hit apply.




    The launch web console link in the java UI is hard coded to use 8080 and cannot be updated.

    About how to change this in avalanche 6.x, please refer to https://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-34366