How can I create a history (clean/repair) report for a specific patch?

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    How can I create a history (clean/repair) report for a specific patch?




    Last week we deployed a patch (MS-14-021) and I am wondering how I can provide my management with a report of who installed it successfully and who did not.


    If I go to patch and compliance and double-click on the vulnerability I want then go to the History tab I can see the data I'm looking for.  I'd like to be able to export it to a CSV or to a report so I can provide my management the info they're looking for.  Obviously this is not the spot where I export this data to a CSV file - how else can I get that info?






    We aren't going to have a "canned" report that provide what is being requested.  I would recommend building a query as an alternative solution. The recommended query is as follows:


    "Computer"."Patch and Compliance Definitions"."Vulnerability ID" = MS-14-021

    AND "Computer"."Patch and Compliance Definitions"."Patch Currently Installed" EXISTS


    You will then want to update the queries column set to reflect those same attributes (Computer.Patch and Compliance Definitions.Vulnerability ID and Computer.Patch and Compliance Definitions.Patch Currently Installed.


    At that point you will then run the query and you should be provided a list of all devices that have been detected as being associated in one fashion or another with the vulnerability ID. The result will return a column reflecting the Patch Currently Installed attribute. Those values are described in the LANDesk User Community article I have linked below:


    Patch Codes for Inventory