Incorrect scanning with a COM Scanner

Version 5



    When scannng with a COM scanner, some of my scans are split or only some of the scan data makes it through




    Barcode: 1234567890

    Scan data: 1234




    to resolve this issue there are a few steps to perform on both the scanner itself and with in the Wavelink Terminal Emulation..


    Steps to resolve:

    Use Com Start/End Chars
    A start character and end character can be specified to prevent noise or other unwanted data from being used from the com port.  Only data between the start and end characters will be used.  To enable the use of the start and end characters, select "Use Start and End" for this option.

    If incoming data is being split or combined incorrectly, then the "Use only End" or the "Use Start and End" option can be used.  If the "Use only End" option is used, then the incoming data is queued until the End character is received.  The start and/or end characters will be discarded.


    Default = Disabled

    This value was changed to "Use Start and End"

    Start and End.JPG


    Once this has been completed you will now need to set up the scanner. You can do so by scanning the attached sheet of bar codes.