Troubleshooting when Knowledge Search isn't working

Version 9

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.6Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.xAsset Manager 2017.xService Desk 2017.x


    Service Desk 7.5 and newer.




    • When using the knowledge search, I'm getting a blank or incorrect result.
    • The search might work in some applications.  For example, it works in Console but not Web Access, or it might work for some users but not others.




    1. Did your Knowledge build successfully?

    Go to your "Administration" Component > "Knowledge Management Administration" Shortcut, and check your "Queue Entries" under "Knowledge Settings."  Make sure that the latest Knowledge Build was successful.  If this is still pending or in progress, go to step 3.





    2. Is the Knowledge you want in your knowledge search being built?

    If your Knowledge is building successfully, make sure that it's building the correct content.


    In your Queue Entries, you can double-click on the latest knowledge build. This will give you a list showing how many entries for each object has been included in your knowledge. If you, for example, are expecting to see Incidents in your search, make sure that there are values from the Incident Object being built. If not, you will need to set the Incident Object to be knowledgeable, which you can do in Object Designer.  See documentation on this here.





    3. If your Knowledge didn't build successfully, check that your Background Service is running successfully.

    Your Background Service is responsible for building the Knowledge index files. If there is something hindering Background Services to work, it might not be able to build the knowledge properly. Restart your Background Service and check your Application Event log to see if you have any error messages. If you do have an error message, please do a search for the specific error on our Community to find the answer.



    4. Are you connecting to the right Knowlege build?


    • If your Knowledge search is working in Console but not Web Access.
    • If it works when connecting to one Web Access framework but not another.
    • If you are using load balancing, and knowledge works intermittently.


    It is likely that not all applications are directed to the same knowledge index build.


    When you build your knowledge, you are building it externally to the database. Every application that you set up will have a setting called "Free Text Search Index Path."  This path is where the knowledge index files will be created. All Applications will need to point to the same path, should you want them all to connect to the same Knowledge build.


    To check this, log into your Configuration Center. Start with clicking "Edit" to the right of your main Service Desk framework.  Make a note of your Free Text Search Index Path.






    Next, go through all of your applications to make sure they are all pointing at the same path.


    If you are using more than one Server for your Applications, make sure that the folder storing the build is shared and that you are using the UNC path in the Free Text Search Index Path. Also, make sure that relevant permissions are given to this directory. The Identity User for your Application Pool will need to have read access. Most likely, this will be "NetworkService."





    5. If your knowledge build is building successfully, but you are still not seeing any results in your Knowledge Search.

    Open up Windows Explorer on the Server where you store your Knowledge build.


    Check that there is an Index folder in this location, and that the 'Date Modified' is when the Knowledge was last built.  If this is not the case, delete the Index Folder and rebuild your knowledge. Your Index folder will be recreated.


    If your Index folder is not recreated, please go back to step 4 to make sure you are building the Knowledge to the correct location.





    6. If you are seeing some results, but not all results.

    Check to see if you are using domains for your Articles.


    If you have domains set up, the user you are logged in as will only be able to see the articles related to the user's knowledge domain. For more information on knowledge domains, please click here.