How to enable diagnostic mode on Android Avalanche client.

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    Avalanche 6.1Avalanche 6.0Avalanche 6.2


    Wavelink Avalanche on Android devices with client version or later



    In order to better troubleshoot registration or syncing issues with android devices we have now added a diagnostics option in the Wavelink Avalanche client to gather device side logs.  This is disabled by default so the below steps take you through enabling this and how to provide those to support personel.


    1. Load the Wavelink Avalanche client v6.0.6.9 or later onto an Android device.
    2. Select the settings tab from the bottom of the device.
    3. While on the settings tab press the Menu button(Note if the menu button is not present on the device try pressing and holding the  task manager button)
    4. Once you have pressed the Menu button you should have an option to enable diagnostics
      1. Aos_enable_diagnostics.PNG
    5. Once you select Enable Diagnostics you now should see a Log tab on the bottom.
      1. Aos_Log_tab.PNG
    6. Select the Log tab and you will now see a running log of the device.  From this screen you can review the live log and save the log or emailt he log. Also note you will see a lot of "chatter" to limit this down you can enter a keyword above to look for.  On the below screenshot I have entered wavelink.
      1. Aos_Log_tab2.PNG
    7. To modify log settings: from the Log tab, tap the Menu button while on the Log tab, Then tap Log Level to change the level of information that gets written to the log.
    8. To send the log to Support: If the device has an email account associated with it, you can send the log as an attachment. From the Log tab, tap the Menu button. Tap Send and select the email app you want to use. Otherwise, save the log off as a text file. From the Log tab, tap Menu > Save. The log file is saved in the Wavelink/saved_logs directory.