How to Configure CSA Setting When Service Account Is Locked

Version 5

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    This document is to help in configuring CSA setting when service account is locked, usually, we can use service account password without uppercase letter, after upgrading to CSA4.3 , password have to include one uppercase letter at least, if the old password doesn't include one upper case letter, we have to change the password to meet the password complexity, however, after changing the password on CSA, but haven't changed the CSA setting on core server, core server always authenticate CSA with old service account password, thus service account on CSA is always locked, we can't change the CSA settings on core server. How to configure CSA setting when service account is locked, this article will tell you how to to.



    1. Login win console on the core server
    2. Stop LANDesk Management Gateway Service
    3. Login CSA server , unlock service account
    4. Configure LANDesk Management Gateway configuration
    5. The CSA configuration with new password will be updated.