Studio: Unlicenced error / Agent not found / No connection to host

Version 2


    • Motorola WT41N0 with Win 7 CE
    • I use Avalance enabler version 5.3-46 and
    • Studio Client Wavelink Symbol WT4100 CE 7.0 Studio Client v5.4.2.12
    • Studio Server v 3.7
    • Windows server 2008
    • NAV database (Application)



    • I have connect the handhelds to wireless network with the enabler, and I can ping the server from the handheld
    • The message I get on the hand held is 'Agent not found' when trying to connect to server.
    • The Studio client does nothing, and when I try to manually connect the telnet client It says no Hosts configured, then I try to fill in the host manually it says 'no connection to host'



    Resolved by opening studio with Admin Privileges