How UDD & Agent Install tasks use DNS

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    Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    How does LANDESK UDD and Agent installation tasks use DNS?



    When UDD is ran with the default parameters it will do the following;


    1. It will do a ping sweep for the range that you configured

    2. It will do a reverse DNS lookup

    3. It will do a WINS lookup


    For more about UDD:


    After the UDD task

    During an agent install task (push or advance) we use IPCheck.exe to verify that we are running the agent install task on the correct machine.


    IPCheck runs on the client that the agent install task has been pushed to. It runs at the beginning of the installation, and its only job is to verify that the ip address and host name (for that device) match with what we have on record in the database "unmanagednodes" table. IPCheck uses the Windows API gethostname to gather this information from the client. If there is a mismatch with any of this information then the install will fail, and the device(s) will be moved into the pending unmanaged device group.


    Database Table:



    NOTE -- IPCheck.exe Does not do any DNS lookups. 


    Because most environments use DHCP, it is very possible that the database records from the UDD task differ from the device(s) active host name and ip address. A mismatch would obviously have a higher chance to occur if several weeks have passed from the time the UDD task was run, and the time the agent install task runs.


    Best Practice


    LANDESK highly recommends that your DNS is configured correctly. It is important that your host name, ip address and dns records all match, otherwise you could experience problems with several different components.


    Another tip is to run the UDD scan right before running the agent install task. This will ensure that everything is up to date.