Configuring ConnectPro (TermProxy) to use SSH

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    Session Persistence Server 4.4


    This document has been created to aide in the deployment of secure communication between devices to servers using ConnectPro(TermProxy)  software as an intermediary. Please be aware of the following prior to proceeding:

    • ConnectPro (TermProxy) does not allow for SSH inbound connections from a handheld.
    • ConnectPro (TermProxy) does allow for SSH outbound connections to the Host
    • ConnectPro (TermProxy) requires handhelds to use SSL between the handheld and the ConnectPro (TermProxy)  Server when connecting to an SSH host

    Required Software for Environment:

    • ConnectPro (TermProxy)
    • TelnetCE Package
    • Emulation SSH Package
    • Emulation SSL Package

    Configuring TelnetCE for SSH and ConnectPro (TermProxy):

    Prior to connecting a handheld to the ConnectPro server you will need to ensure that you have downloaded both the Emulation SSH and Emulation SSL packages and installed them onto the device. Packages will can be installed by using Activesync or Avalanche deployment options. All software is available from the download section of

    Once all packages have been deployed to the handheld we can start configuring the Host profile section of TelnetCE. This can be done via Activesync or Avalanche as well.


    Host: Configure the hosts like normal. Ensure that you have proper emulation type, address or hostname, and port number. Do NOT select the Use SSH encryption.


    TermProxy 1: Select the proper TermProxy Server version. Next use proper TermProxy IP address and Port. Finally select Use SSL/TLS encryption. Click ok.


    Configuring ConnectPro (TermProxy) to connect to Host via SSH:

    Host: When configuring the Host connection you will need to ensure that you enable SSH by using the “ssh on” trigger


    Proxy: When configuring the inbound or Proxy portion of ConnectPro, you will need to ensure that you enable SSL by using the “ssl on” trigger.

    Save and restart the server. Once everything is back up and running connect device to server.