Generate a report to sort by Incident Resolution Dates (reporting on a Collection sorting by date)

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.8.x


    You are attempting to create a report based on the Resolution dates for Incident Management.




    • You need to create a new report based on:

              Module:  Incident Management

              Business Object: Resolution

    • This will create a report based on Incident Management \ Resolution table.
    • In the list you will see "Creation Date" and "Last Update,"  either of these dates will work when sorting.  The most likely is that you will want to use "Creation Date."
    • You can get all your related Incident details from the "one to one" relationship of  "Incident" which is contained on the Resolution Business Object.
    • You can build the report out with the data that is relevant for your report.



    • Follow the same steps to get a report based on other collection items ordered by date created or modified.  Examples include: Incident Management - Notes, Incident Management - Closure, Request - Notes, Request - Resolution, Change - Notes, Change - Resolution, Change - Closure, Problem - Notes, Problem - Resolution, Problem - Closure.