Cloud Service Appliace - Modify Links to use HTTPS

Version 1


    The links on the CSA no longer work. It requires manually entering the https in the URL.



    Port 80 has been disabled for security reasons either on the CSA or an external firewall.



    Note:This is an unsupported modification and will not be supported by LANDESK.

    • SSH to the Cloud Service Appliance using the built in admin account
    • Elevate the session. It will prompt for a password, this is the same password used to login
      • sudo su
    • Change directory to /usr/LANDesk/broker/webroot for the 4.2 CSA or /opt/landesk/broker/webroot for the 4.3
      • cd /opt/landesk/broker/webroot
    • The links are built dynamically using the .vroot files in this directory. You will need to modify the .vroot files for each link on the main CSA page. Example:
      • vi client.vroot
      • press insert to allow edit
      • change references in this file from http to https
      • press escape to exit edit mode
      • press Shift+Q
      • type "wq" and press enter
    • Do this for each .vroot file
    • Restart the CSA