Unable to find your Antivirus Software listed in the inventory under the key "<Computer> - Security - Antivirus Software - Antivirus"

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5



    LDMS - All Versions




    If you are using a 3rd party A/V software, you may like to see it listed in the inventory of the managed device under the key "<Computer> - Security - Antivirus Software - Antivirus". Though you ran a full inventory on your device, you can't still see listed in that key.






    1- It can be due to something wrong happening when the inventory information is sent from the managed device to the Core Server. To determine that, you need to check the content normally sent from the managed device, and please follow these instructions;


    • Step 1: - Run from the client as an administrator the following command on CMD; "C:\Program File (x86)\LANDesk\LDClient\LDISCN32.EXE" /NTT=<IPCoreServer>:5007 /S=<NameOfCoreServer> /I=HTTP://<IPCoreServer>/LDLOGON/LDAPPL3.LDZ /V /F /SYNC /O="C:\output.txt
    • Step 2: Then look at the output.txt file stored on the C:\ drive of the client and check the content of the key "Security - Antivirus Software - Antivirus" to see if you A/V software appears or not


    2- LDAVHLPR.DLL is used as an add-on to the Vulnerability Scanner and Inventory scanner to gather Antivirus information from end clients. It is possible when vendors update their product that LDAVHLPR.DLL will need to be updated to accurately gather information.




    1- If you can see your A/V software within the output.txt file but not on the inventory on your Core Server, then check first if other information are not brought back to the Core Server, it may be due to some issues with the inventory itself. In that case, you may interested in going to the Inventory landing page in order to find more information how to troubleshoot it; https://community.landesk.com/support/community/systems/inventory



    2- If you can't see your A/V software within the output.txt file, then LDAVHLPR.DLL may be involved and you'd need to contact Landesk Support in order to make a request to add it for a future release.