How to create a Reference List

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    How to create a Reference List

    Step 1: Creating a Reference Business Object:

    - Create a Business object under the module you want the Reference List referenced in the Object Designer.

    - After selecting New Business Object Select NO when the popup Behavior Selection populates asking: “Would you like to specify a behavior? For example, category”

    - Name the Business Object (this name is what the reference list will appear as in the admin – reference list options.)

    - Under the Business Object Properties select Behavior – Reference and Deletion Type – Soft deletion.


    - Object Designer popup will appear asking: “Do you want to create the Name Attribute now?” Select NO

    - Select New Attribute from the actions list and create the attribute name desired example: Department with a String Data Type and Max Length of 200. Select Is Name as TRUE.

    CLICK SAVE (this should build out the Guid and Deleted attributes)

    Congratulations on creating a new Reference Business Object now to create a window to use it!


    Step 2: Creating a Window to use created Reference Business Object:

    - Select Window Manager from the Designers Shortcut Bar

    - Expand tree to locate newly created Reference Business Object – Select New Window when Highlighted.

    - Create a new GroupBox and select Properties to modify the GroupBox Title.

    - Drag the created NAME attribute for the Reference Business Object onto the GroupBox.


    Congratulations on creating a window for reference list entries! Now let’s create the list!


    Step 3: Creating Administration Reference List entries:

    - Select Administration -> Administration -> Reference Lists to view available Reference Lists

    - Expand the lists to populate the new Reference List you have just created and select it.

    - Select New (name of list) to populate the entry window created in the previous step.

    - Enter each value and select SAVE – You will have to re-select New (name of list) each time to save separate entries otherwise it will write over the previously saved entry.

    - Verify entries are listed under wanted Reference List.  You have now completed creating list entries.


    Step 4: Link attributes on Business objects for use on windows.

    - Select Designers -> Object designer and open the module the original attribute from STEP 1 was created under.

    - Drag the Reference List Business Object onto the Business Object of the wanted attribute affiliation. Example – NewTestReferenceList would be dragged onto Incident Business Object if you want the list on the incident window

    - Object Design PopUp should ask:”A Relationship has been created to access (listname) from incident. Do you want to create a collection of incident on (listname)? SELECT NO

    - Verify that the Reference Business Object is now listed as a linked attribute under the desired Business Object.


    You have completed linking the attributes.


    Step 5: Populating Reference List on Desired Window:

    - In Window Manager select the window you would like the newly created reference list to appear on.

    - Drag the attribute onto the window and align as desired.



    Verify function of Drop Down Reference list as another user than SA.