Recognition and Acclaim - Helpful or correct answers, bookmarks, likes, and views

Version 2


    After logging in to the community click on the drop down menu next to your avatar in the header and then click on View Profile to display your own profile page.


    In the bottom left of your profile page you will see a Recognition box.  This shows you when someone has marked an answer of yours as Helpful or Correct.  It also shows anyone who you are following or is following you.



    Latest Acclaim

    Click here to go to your Inbox.   Locate the Latest Acclaim update within your inbox and click on it.  This shows you other types of feedback that you may have received for your community content.


    NOTE:  Latest Acclaim updates are not generated immediately after you receive feedback but will be sent periodically.


    Latest Acclaim.png

    Impact metrics

    For those of you who write documents (for example within LANDESK Share IT) you can see information about the people who are finding and using your content.  This shows only to you on the right-hand side of the document.


    NOTE:  This only applies to documents written after the community upgrade June 1st 2014.



    Please see: Why ratings and feedback on community articles are helpful