How to uninstall LDMS agents on multiple clients.

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    How can we uninstall LDMS agents on multiple clients. It is known that we could use the UninstallWinClient.exe to uninstall the agent but how can we do that on multiple clients at the same time.



    We could distribute the UninstallWinClient.exe as software distribution scheduled task.


    The location of UninstallWinClient.exe: Core Server C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\ldmain\UninstallWinClient.exe


    Detailed Steps:

    1. Log into the Console.

    2. Click on the Tools->Software Distribution.

    3. Click on the "Package distribution" option.

    4. In the prompt window, right click and create a new package.

    5. In the prompt property window, please fill in the package name and description.

    6. In the "Primary file", please choose the UninstallWinClient.exe file. (You can put the UninstallWinClient.exe file to a certain path. For instance my default path is http://XX/landesk/files, This path could be changed under IIS and we could put the exe under that folder by browsing into it.

    7.  Click Save to finish the configuration.

    8. Right click on the package and choose Schedule Task.

    9. Please drag and drop the multiple clients into the scheduled task.

    10. Right click on the task and choose start->all.


    !Please note that when you distribute this package, the agent will be uninstalled but the status of the task will remain "active" until it times out and eventually fails. This is because the agent is no longer able to report status back to the core.