How To: Restore Certificate on the Client Machine with Agent Based Using Patch

Version 6


    Agent has been deployed to the client machine, but the core server is destroyed.  There is no available backup of all the certificates and keys. As all the client machines can't be managed by core server with the old certificate, we need to copy the new certificate to the client machine using patch, This article is to introduce how to restore the new certificate to the client machine with agent based.



    Steps verified on LDMS 9.5(No sp1 and No sp2)



    Steps for restoring the new certificate to the client machine:

    1. Import the attached definitions.

    2. Right click on the definition, click properties

    3. Click custom Variables tab

    4. Click Edit variables button


    5. Input the new cert name for the new core server

    6. Scan the client machines

    7. Fix the client machines