Remote Control not connecting to some Cellular devices.

Version 2

    Environment: Remote Control v4.1.3. This may also effect older versions of the Remote Control.


    Problem: T-Mobile Devices (possibly other carriers) will not Remote Control when idle for more than five (5) minutes.

    Avalanche\Remote Control can’t find the device.


    Cause:  The Cellular carrier closes the socket after five (5) minutes of no network traffic.


    Solution/ Workaround: You will want to make two different changes.

    1. 1. You will need to go to the RC 4.1 (Program Files\Wavelink\Remote Control 4.1\cfg\ folder and change the property “Connection.Idle.Timeout” to 275000.
    2. srvr.prop.JPG
    3. 2. Add this property on the device “rc.idleTimeout = 299”.
    4. rc property.JPG


    This will request that the Avalanche connects to the device before the connection is disconnected, also if the connections is not made, the device will reach out to the Avalanche Server.