AMC: Scan to config for devices being rebuilt or new devices

Version 4


    Avalanche 6.0

    Avalanche On Demand


    • I am trying to configure scan to config so that new devices get a custom property and then are moved to the correct home folder which our software is applied to.

    Selection Criteria for folders only are evaluated when the device is initially enrolled. After that, the folder selection criteria no longer is in affect of where the device is homed. Think of it like 'enrollment criteria' that sorts devices when they are first enrolled. To move devices to a new location, you will need to either re-home the device and perform a universal deployment.  Or remove the record of the device and when the device is re-enrolled it will be evaluated through the folder criteria.  The evaluation begins at the top of the tree and moves down the folders.  The first folder which matches the device will then be assigned as the devices home folder.


    In 4.x and 5.x, it was common to change the device's location just by changing a specific custom property, or having the device in multiple locations. However, since the criteria is only enrollment criteria and not real-time criteria, you should not use custom properties for moving devices between locations, or having a device pull profiles from multiple locations.