GPS history is not showing for my rugged (EIDC) devices.

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 6.0


    I am unable to see GPS history data for a device on Avalanche or Avalanche on demand (AOD) for rugged devices (EIDC).



    In order to enable this functionality you have to setup both the device and server to collect this data, and have a device with GPS hardware. The below steps outline all the configuration that is needed to gather this information.

    The first configuration needs to be done is in the enabler.  This can be done in the initial enabler configuration via Active Sync or done via an avalanche enabler configuration package through avalanche.  For the latest avalanche enabler config packages see the download site here.  Note that this site has both the Windows and Windows CE versions please select the correct version.


    Step 1: Verify that you have Real-time Statistics Transmission enabled on the data tab.



    Step 2: Ensure that you have Report GPS Position and Report Device Statistics enabled in the enabler settings.



    Step 3: On your Avalanche server you must create a Mobile Device Profile that enables location based services.  Once you have created this you will need to ensure the device receives this profile.



    Step 4: Once these three items have been applied to the device allow enough time for the device to report this data to the server and then connect back to the mobile device server.

    Step 5: To see the history from the inventory page select the device and then hit the locate button.



    Step 6: This should take you to the Maps page and show the device.  Once there click on the device on the map and then select History.



    Step 7: Once you select History you will receive the history date range window.  Enter in the dates you would like to see the GPS history of and then select OK. This should then show you history of the device.  Notice you now have Device GPS History and a count on the left hand side, and if you zoom in you will see the blue icons showing the GPS locations.